I Feel

I can feel their pain

Their sorrow

Their anguish

I don’t know what to do

I can see their fury

Their sadness

Their horror

Still I am powerless

I can hear their cries

For justice

For peace

And I know they go unheard

I can smell their blood

The weapons

The tears

It makes my heart heavy

I can taste the discourse



It stings me clear to my soul

I can see the others

Their hate

Their disdain

Human lives seem meaningless

They approach, weapons leveled

Predatory Impulses

Bloodthirsty desires

Gleefully firing upon their fellow man

I can smell their instincts



Opportunity gives them a voice

I can hear their lies



They talk from two faces and forked tongues

I can feel their hate



It weighs in my soul like damnation

I don’t know what to do

I want to help

I can’t fight

All I can do is strike in my way

I write it down, my feelings

My terror

My privilege

Still it’s doesn’t feel like enough

I sit on the sidelines



I want it to end

My heart is heavy



Guilt for inaction and cowardice

This cannot stand. Still…



My country is imploding

The time for action draws near



It may not be enough

I feel my soul’s desire

To help

To heal

To show that there is a way

But how can I help?

I’m lost


I despise conflict above all else

Our leaders are useless



They hide away while Nero fiddles

Today, my country died

Like Rome

Like Egypt

I felt it in my soul.

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