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Dan B. Fierce

Dan B. Fierce is a lover of many genres, including fantasy, high fantasy, comedy, supernatural, thrillers, and horror. Currently concentrating on writing short stories to put in his upcoming collection, “Cabin 187,” he has had several stories and articles published, including three in the “2020 Indie Author’s Short Story Anthology.”

He is a native on Kansas City, having lived in the greater KC area, on both the Kansas and Missouri sides, for the majority of his life.

Even though he’s concentrating on mostly horror and thrillers at the moment, Dan isn’t one to be “pigeon-holed” into a single category.

Works in Progress

Cabin 187

Sometimes evil is more than just person or place. It can also be a harbinger of fates worse than death. The cabin is always hungry, seeking out souls to feed upon.

Each story in Cabin 187 is connected to the walls of the cursed structure. As it reaches its peak power, the folks of the paranormal research group, CAPES, \find that the only way to save themselves is to take down the evil within.

Killer Punchlines

Owen Wendell Napier is a successful traveling comedian with a major problem:

Part of him is a killer.

As he travels the road of life, he finds it increasingly difficult to satisfy his more primal urges, sometimes unwillingly.

But is there something more going on?  Are there puppet masters pulling the strings, or is it all in his head?

The Imaginist: A Nathan Saniti Tale

When people’s worst imaginings become frightening realities, it take a hero centered in un-reality to undo the damage.

Nathan Saniti is the guardian of Cenosia, the central hub for all worlds created by the musings of mankind. Here, songs, tales, art, and movies take on lives of their own, each behind their own door.


What People Say

“What an amazing book this is! I love that there are different genres and different styles of writing! It’s really nice to read these stories during this crazy pandemic era when we’re all just trying to do our best to keep our sanity. This is how these very talented authors coped with this year’s struggle, and it is always something to be proud of when something positive comes out of complete boredom. I love the imagination of these writers! I enjoyed all the short stories, but my personal favorites are I Do It for the Glory by Maria Delaney, Revenge by Dan B. Fierce, and The Good Dog by Mustang Patty because of their dark theme. Another favorite of mine because of the main lead’s amusing conversations with his mom is Lockdown by Paul J P Slater.

I’m giving this 5 out of 5 stars. These short stories were well-written and very entertaining! I highly recommend this to ALL readers who want stories that you can finish in one sitting.”

— Shey Saints, about the “2020 Indie Author’s Short Story Anthology”

“My mom had a baby once.”

A friend of Dan’s. Randomly. In a conversation. WTF

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