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A Cabin 187 Satellite Story

Roadkill King

Everyone needs a hobby, but not everyone’s hobby involves blood, entrails, and… roadkill.

Tatum Johnson didn’t mean to hit the dog. His ex-girlfriend Jessica can attest to that. But that didn’t stop the hunger. Now, he hunts along the back roads, running down animals for sport.
But on a night as pitch black as his soul, fate puts Tatum on a different road where new horrors await.

On this night, justice is served.

A Cabin 187 Satellite Story

The Rose-Tinted Mirror

True love is a rarity in the world. So are lasting relationships. Howard and Tessa Dawson have been fine examples of all of it. In their fifty years together, after a lifetime of hard work, Howard finally located the cabin they had their first honeymoon in hoping it would be a fitting surprise for the love of his life.

They remember the magic they experienced in the cabin, a rose-tinted mirror that showed them wondrous things yet to be. Yearning to relive the fantastical, they instead learn horrifying truths about their fairytale life together.
They can lie to themselves, they can lie to each other, but they can’t escape the dark truth found in The Rose-Tinted Mirror!

Indie Author Anthology

Clues and Culprits

An Anthology by the Indie Authors’ Group

Mysteries come in many different shapes, sizes, shades, and they are accompanied by a myriad of questions:
Who? Why? What?

The tome you hold in your hands contains twenty-five stories in an eclectic collection.

So brew yourself a cup of coffee or pour a cocktail if you wish.

Indie Author Anthology

2020 Indie Authors’ Short Story Anthology

The 2020 Indie Authors Short Story Anthology was born out of necessity. This group of authors participate in short story writing groups and while their work is seen by those in the groups, it was decided that the stories needed to be published to reach a broader base.

Also while, many writers and artists were unable to create during the events of 2020, this group has endeavored to write. These stories are a small sampling of their accomplishments.

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